How to do the SEO of the new Website

How to do the SEO of the new Website?

1, the new Website to do SEO you need to fully investigate what SEO is all about. SEO is the search engine optimization, through the optimization of the site's key words, the optimization of the title, the optimization of the depiction to complete the optimization of the entire site, make your site More and more favorable to the rankings, more enthusiasm for the search engine.

2, the new Website to do SEO to pay attention to the quality of the content article requires original, novelty, the article title is more than 9 words less than 22 words. The title can participate in the brackets, other punctuation marks should not be taken. The title selection summary is attractive.

3, how to choose, set the key words to choose the key words can be linked to the content of your website, what kind of other websites do you do, what words do you edit, such as you are doing SEO, then your website Key words can be collected marketing, collection promotion, website optimization, Beijing SEO, SEO experience, you have to choose the articles you want to write from these key words, such as you want to write articles about collecting marketing, then your article There will be a lot of occurrences of collecting the four key words of marketing, which is why the website has to set the key words, so that you can master the key points when you write the article.

4. Depicting. The depiction is an extension of the title, what the title means, and you are adding it according to the title.

5, the article. The article should be original in the early stage of the new Website. The content of the article should conform to the main theme of your website. Don't violate the nature of your website. The content segmentation requirements are clear and the content is abundant. After you see it, you will feel that this is a careful review. It's not scribbling! The content of the article can be linked to the hot topic, contact some popular news, hot work. It is very clever to participate in the article's key words in the article. Try to avoid piled up key words.

6. The inner and outer chain inner chain is the most important part of the new Website SEO. The article and the article directly link through the situation of the key words. The link should conform to the category of the key words, avoid other articles related to the link divergence, and cause the visitors to resent. The user experience of the website has dropped, and it is not harmonious with the search engine!

The outer chain is emperor. This is a very philosophical discourse. It means that the new Website can do more good links, such as sending original articles written to A5 webmaster, SEOwhy, pushing one, and leaving the team. It is possible to add the signature link of your website to the website with higher weight than the webmaster forum. It may be possible to participate in the link information of your website in the website article. It is difficult to have a set of restrictions on the number of links in the outer chain. However, the external chain should be linked to the content of the article as much as possible. If the content of the website is not sufficient, do 5 external links every day, not too much. The website is full of one day and doubles the chain, according to your own feelings. To be sure, don't do it one day, do a lot of work in one day, and do the rules to do the outer chain. The article update is also like this.

7. Friendly link. Friendly links can be difficult in the early days of the new Website. Many websites are higher than your website weight PR, so they are very reluctant to exchange friendship links with the new Website, which will reduce the weight of their website. It is enough to do one or two friendship links. Don't waste your time on it!

8, blog. In the blog, you can participate in the link of your own website, do a one-way link in the blog, and use the blog to attract spiders to the blog, and then invite the spider to climb to your main Website, which can be used sensitively.


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