What will Beaverbuilder tell you about Wordpress 5.5


The Impact of the WordPress 5.5 Update on Beaver Builder

As a Beaver Builder user, you likely want to know how this WordPress update affects you. 

For example, we mentioned earlier that Dashicons received an upgrade and that new icons have been added. However, this is going to be the final update to this feature because future work on the project will focus on a new icon component used by the Block Editor to support SVG icons. This is to fix the challenge of using normal icon fonts, which are essentially just “sprites” that grow in size with each new addition, even when cached well. On the other hand, using SVG icons, as the Block Editor does, only requires the inclusion of the icon itself.

Another update that affects not just Beaver Builder users but also WordPress users in general is that the new version implements native XML Sitemaps through the addition of a plugin called XML Sitemaps, which is enabled by default.

XML Sitemaps makes the following content more indexable by search engines out of the box:

  • Homepage
  • Posts page
  • Core post types (pages and posts)
  • Custom Post Types
  • Core taxonomies (tags and categories)
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Authors archives

The robots.txt file exposed by WordPress 5.5 also references the sitemap index. The initial integration of this plugin into WordPress core will fulfill minimum search engine requirements and improve discoverability for WordPress sites.

Of course, you might already be using an SEO plugin that takes care of creating and publishing a sitemap for you. However, as the WordPress community develops this plugin further, some features that are necessary to make your website search engine-ready will be available with WordPress out of the box.


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