How long does Search Engine take to remove expire page ?

If you are new to building websites . The website that wrote the site for want to make sure as many people in the Malaysia that search for the keywors end up at your site. This new site replaced an old one on the same domain name (not in WordPress), but the page names are completely different, the old ones were all named seemingly randomly

Today you have need to do some SEO work, connected the site to Google Search Console, installed the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin and uploaded a Sitemap to Google. If you have no time to do the seo work, you can look for SEO specialist Malaysia to help you.

In the search results Google still shows a lot of the old 'page_index' pages, but the new site has only been live a week or so. You need to set up some redirects for some of the more popular pages so they go to the correct new page.

How long will it take for Google Search Engine to drop the old pages from search results and pick up the new ones?

Steps and Solution to speed up remove expire page

  1. Using noindex on those pages that you don't need to be index.
  2.  If page not used anymore just delete them the most faster way.  
  3. A html redirect from an old site page to the new site page for google search ranking
  4.  Create an htaccess file and do 301 redirects from the old to the new.
  5. Also you can try Removing outdated content via Google Search Console to speed up the process.  
  6. Delete ALL traces of the old pages files, any internal links, etc that are in your FTP Server.
  7. Retrace your steps and make sure to delete all of the backlinks pointing to your old page.
  8. Create New & Better content that is similar to that old content in SEO regards, so Google will be more aware to remove the old search results.


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