15 checklist to Choosing a Web Design Agency

How to choose the best web design company in 2019

Most of the business owner looking for the best web design company to design or revamp their company’s website. But there are too many web design companies and freelancer in the market. How we compiled and choose the best web design company in Malaysia, build on the quality of their work and the extent of the services they offer. Whether you want an entirely new brand identity for your business or just a few new features added to your current site, We need to choose a quality and qualified web design company from the number of web design companies.

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15 steps to Choosing a Web Design Agency

  1. Know your budget
  2. Get their pricing
  3. Ask about fees and charges
  4. Look at web design agency's past clients
  5. Get web design agency's client retention rate
  6. Find reviews about each web design agency
  7. Ask who will be personally responsible for your site
  8. Ask about other customer support
  9. Ask who can update the website
  10. Find out if they’ll relocate your site
  11. Set concrete, achievable criteria with deadlines
  12. choose the web design company that’s right for you
  13. Find web design agencies online
  14. Look at each web design agency’s website
  15. Contact each web design agency directly