SEO optimized website structure

Friends who just touched SEO optimization often mixed when they saw the relevant content of SEO optimization website structure. How can it be a directory and a link? What is the structure of the website? In fact, the structure of the website has two meanings, one is the physical structure, and the other is the link structure.

What is the SEO optimized website structure?

SEO optimized website structure: physical structure

The physical structure of the website is determined by the website directory and the location of the file. There are generally two physical structures, one is a flat structure and the other is a tree structure.

The flat structure is to put all the files of the website in the root directory, and all files have the same level. The flat physical structure is suitable for small websites.

The tree structure is subdivided by class under the root of the website, and pages of the same class are placed in the same folder. The tree structure is clearly scheduled, and the affiliation between pages is clear, which is the recommended physical structure.

SEO optimized website structure: link structure

The link structure is again a logical structure, which is composed of links within the website. The links between the various levels of the website are linked to each other, making the link structure generally very complicated. For search engines, the link structure is more important than the physical structure, because search engine spiders are captured through internal links between these pages.

Many people will misunderstand that the URL with a deeper physical structure is not easy to be entered. In fact, it is incorrect. The URL address has been entered or not related to the number of clicks between the home page, not the level of the physical structure. We need to understand that the physical structure and the link structure are actually different.

The content of SEO's optimized website structure is here. I hope that my sharing can help us to distinguish the physical structure, the structure of the link structure and the structure of the website, and prevent confusion in future work.