What is diferrent between UX and UI?

Do you often think of "How is the UX of this product doing" and "How is the UI of this site?"? What exactly is the difference between UX and UI? What intersection does it have? This article lets you organize it once and let you understand the UX and UI at once!

UX: User Experience

User Experience (UX), first discovered in the 1990s by Nielsen Norman, refers to a "comprehensive interaction" between users and a company, including products and services. Therefore, UX is not limited to the number of products, including tweezers, street knives, scrapers, etc. are re-used users, in order not to improve the product, to produce a better content.

UI: Consumer interface

The User Interface (UI) is one of the UX's most important features, focusing on the surface and enhancing the product's aesthetic through beautification. Do the UI is very aesthetic, the station and app press, typing system, color matching are all important points, more important is how to do a good job of introduction, so that the use of products will not create doubts, can "understand at a glance."


Here are two analogies, or one that will help you better understand the differences between UX and UI: There is a UI without UX, just as the UI is inked onto the cloth without thinking, and no one can understand it; Alternatively, you can say that the UI is saddle, tie, and UX is the feeling of Ben. How do UX and UI affect each other? So what is more important to the product than the UX and UI? The answer is, one thing is important.


Imagine you're developing an app that no one else has ever done to solve the problem of multiple people. At the beginning, you will definitely look for UX, do market checks for you, first understand the difficulties of using the user, and then start a series of users, as well as the most desired users.

But when your app is made, it's not easy to find out how important the UI is when you're using it, or when you're pressing too close to each other. A good UI is like a strawberry on a cake, with a focus on rather than a product.
UX, UI can make a big difference

It's easy to be proficient in UX and UI, but it's not easy for many people to focus on one of them, not just think of it as a UX It's also the UI, and the same ability to develop peace of mind, pass skills, collaboration, empathy, and problem solving.


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